I Graduated…now what?

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I love seeing college grads walk across the stage!  Some of them are humble and demure….then you get that ONE who yells loud, makes a comical gesture or even does the infamous back flip (….epic fail if it doesn’t go right).  Most grads continue the celebration with their families and loved ones.  It’s a wonderful experience.  I am happy to say that I was able to experience such a moment—minus the back flip.

It’s ALL GOOD until you get the bill to start repaying those pesky student loans.  Sometimes, or shall I say–most of the time, the bill comes before you land that high-paying job.  Most grads are not ready to start paying back their students loans immediately.  Only a small percentage are able to commence payment immediately.  For the rest, here are other options.  There are options to defer payment to a later date or to start with lower payments and slowly graduate to a higher payment amount.  Author, Shieresa Ngo lists some great options in her latest article “Weighing Your Student Loan Repayment Options.”


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